Friday, December 26, 2008

One month since Mumbai Attacks..

Dear F.A.T.E.ians, Its been one month since the attacks rocked Mumbai and the country... to change us and our perception of our safety forever.. this month saw many events take place, many protest marches, many candle light vigils.. yet nothing much seems to have changed!! The Government is yet to make a central Intelligence Agency to regulate Intel info, the families of the martyrs have yet not received enough compensation, the corrupt politicians are still being given Z security and the common man still spends each day running around the city with his mind full of anxiety and heart full of grief.. People who survived the carnage at the Taj, Oberoi, CST, Cama Hospital and Nariman House will never be the same again. People who lost people in the attacks, will also never be the same again. And we, the vast multitude who witnessed in horror how terror rode the waves into Mumbai on an inflatable dinghy; we who were glued to our television sets as 26/11 was brought into our living rooms; we who tut-tutted in sympathy when heart-rending stories of heroism and sacrifice and cold-blooded murder made the rounds; we who stood in vigils, signed petitions, formed human-chains, wore black armbands... we the people of Mumbai, too, will never be the same again.
Till when will this go on.. let us renew our pledge to fight against this menace that threatens to engulf our lives and make our futures safer.. We will be kicking off the new year with a fresh perspective and more determination to change the things as they stand..
Support us in the endeavor and be the masters of your own destiny.. Remember, our Fate is in our hands..