Thursday, December 4, 2008

F.A.T.E. Signup Campaign

Today was the Sign-up campaign for F.A.T.E. in the University for the official launch of our society, and am delighted to say that the movement received an overwhelming response!!

What started as a project for IMC class, turned out into a much bigger thing.. After a lot of deliberations over what project we should do, the unanimous decision was to start a campaign against terrorism.. the recent attack on Mumbai had shaken us all and we thought it was a great opportunity to launch something which could make a difference to the society and which we could take forward even after the project was over..

After the initial hiccups we faced in getting our leaflets and posters published, we finally set up the desk in quadrangle at the time of afternoon break. Not a moment had passed when we had our first signatory ready.. the chap was highly motivated and I have to thank him personally for further motivating his friends and classmates to come and sign up for the society!

Thanx to the teaser mails I had been sending for the past two days plus the posters we had been posting in the college campus, there were quite a lot of people who were aware of F.A.T.E. which, by the way, was a pleasant surprise for us :) we had decided to use the colors of the Indian flag for taking thumb impressions of the people and it turned out to be a huge hit!

The sheets for signing up were full of saffron and green and so were the hands of people in the University ;) At the last count we have received at least 400 sign ups and the number of people joining the online community is also steadily growing..

Finally today we had a human chain which was planned by the SVKM management (after a lot of cajoling by the F.A.T.E. team).. all colleges under the Mandal came together to form a human chain defying the bomb scare in the city.. With this, we have taken our first baby step and we hope to take more steps in the right direction.. Do check the video guys.. a solemn reminder of why we are doing what we are doing..

 Jai Hind!


rajarshi said...

All the support, from my side. way to go.

megha said...

Its a great initiative by the student community. Just shows the passion that they have and the ability to channelize the emotions in a proper direction. hope it goes on to achieve what it stands for i.e. Peace, Prosperity and Progress!

Dr. Vineet Aggarwal said...

Thanx all!!! Jai Hind!

Unknown said...

very proud of you all.
I think the right way now is for us to form our own political party or atleast till that point of time, file as an organisation Public Interest Litigation so as to take the government to court.

As Vishal Dadani has done one for the media, we need to do another one for failure of intelligence agencies and one against the politicisation of this horrific tragedy by political parties.

Unknown said...

If I am not present physically, wonder if I can still be a member?

If you ever have funding difficulties, please let me know.
I shall be more than happy to contribute.

Dr. Vineet Aggarwal said...

ya we should think of something like that! thanx for ur support Amit!! and yeah u can still be a member dude.. just kp checking the blog and orkut communities and giving ur inputs..