Monday, June 20, 2011

Lokpal Bill vs. Jan Lokpal Bill!

The Jan Lokpal Bill is a proposed anti-corruption law designed to effectively deter corruption, redress grievances and protect whistleblowers. The law seeks to create an Ombudsman called the Lokpal which will be an independent body similar to the Election Commission of India and will have the power to prosecute politicians and bureaucrats WITHOUT prior permission from the Government!

Needless to say, the bill is being opposed tooth and nail by our beloved, overfed, over-pampered, over-paranoid politicians and they have their own tooth-less, fang-less power-less version called the Lokpal Bill as a substitute to this. The Govt. proposed bill wants the Lokpal to be just an ADVISORY BODY which will simply forward complaints to the respective departments with NO right to register and FIR complaints NOR execute Police Powers.

The Bill DOES NOT give powers to Lokpal for ANY investigation against the Prime Minister who deals with important portfolios such as Foreign affairs, Security and Defense and also NO jurisdiction over Bureaucrats and Govt. officers. These are the major LACUNAE of the current version of the bill hence we need a JAN LOKPAL BILL adressing the above issues!

The Jan Lokpal Bill gives the Lokpal COMPLETE POWERS to initiate suo-motu investigations in any case and also to directly entertain complaints from the public makin it an effective deterrent to all corrupt politicians. That is why we see ALL POLITICAL PARTIES finding this a threat to them!! Let us ensure we give the leaders spearheading this movement our complete support and do whatever we can to enhance the cause. CLICK ON THE TITLE OF THIS POST TO VOTE FOR THIS BILL.

You can click on the link on this post and send a message directly to the inboxes of Kapil Sibal, Pranab Mukherjee, Chidambaram, Moily, Khurshid, SOnia Gandhi and the Prime Minister and make your voices heard!!Lets join hands and take a step forward to make India CORRUPTION free!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Assault on protesters, Assault on Democracy

Yet again the forces of anarchy prevailed in Delhi!!

As we watched in mute horror the treatment being meted out to people participating in Baba Ramdev's camp at Ramlila grounds, it again brought back memories from the past year when Security forces had brutally cracked down on protesters in Kashmir!!

The combat forces arrived late at night at the Ramlila ground where Baba and more than One lakh of his followers had camped protesting against the corruption rampant in the Govt. and demanding the return of Black money stashed abroad. At 1:30 am in the morning when most protesters were asleep, the forces descended on them and started rounding them up and throwing them out of the ground.

When people protested, they were LATHICHARGED(!!) and tear-gas shells were fired to disperse them! The pandal was VANDALIZED and put on FIRE! What the hell have people done to deserve this treatment??? No one, not even the Govt. has the right to stop people from protesting in a peaceful way.. its the violation of basic citizen's rights granted by the constitution to all Indians!!

Lathicharge on sleeping protesters!


Its heartening to talk about India overtaking China economically in the next twenty years.. but its equally disheartening to realize that Human rights conditions in India are also going the China way!! Is this the way a democracy treats its citizens? Is India a functional democracy anymore? Will our politicians ever think of the country and its future? Does the life of a common man hold any value whatsoever in this country?

The India Today put it succinctly into words - 'A government that is forced to act because it has only one option lacks both leadership and statecraft.' Anna Hazare called the action 'A Blot on Democracy'.

Manhandling of old people in the middle of the night!

Meanwhile, taking suo motu cognizance of this forceful eviction, the Supreme Court has sought Centre's response on the incident. How flawed the Govt.'s action has been that the judiciary has to intervene and question them for it!

Corruption, Unaccountability, Misappropriation of resources, Bungling of funds, Frauds, Criminal cases have all become synonymous with Indian politics.. Now they even want to stifle the basic rights of citizens.. ALL citizens of the nation have constitutional right to protest in a peaceful manner.and NO authority in the nation can take away that right from us. But are We, the people, ready to fight for our rights?

These are the answers we need to ask ourselves as citizens of a nation with a great history and a brilliant future ahead.. The assault on citizens' basic rights are a step towards the end of our nation's democratic system.. Are we too gonna end up like the pseudo-democracies and military states in our neighborhood?

Are WE ready to FIND an ANSWER????

Jai Hind!