Sunday, January 25, 2009

Register to Vote

Where the mind is without Fear and The head is held high,
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake!

-Rabindranath Tagore

Wishing all F.A.T.E.ians a very Happy Republic Day :)

We, the youth of India always crib that the system is too corrupt to be trusted and think of a hundred reasons of not voting ranging from 'lack of good candidates' to 'total mistrust of the system'. With the elections approaching, we, the youth and especially the F.A.T.E.ians need to register to vote so that we can actually make a difference and bring about the change we so desire and crave for.. We had earlier sent out mailers to all members requesting all to register for voting at Jaago re! One Billion Votes is a nonprofit, nonpartisan campaign and does not support or endorse any political candidate or party..

With the help of our tie-up with Yi and CII, Jaagore has agreed to come to the campus themselves to physically register for NMIMS and SVKM people :) So let us all avail of this opportunity and do our bit to improve the conditions in our nation. For our members who are not present in Mumbai, you can register to vote on..

Let us all take the pledge to cast our votes in the coming elections and 'Be The Change' ourselves..
Jai Hind!


prabhu said...

hello friends,the fraternity is too large.none of us want such henious crimes to get repeated,kudos u guys hav moved forward...coz the first step towards any good cause is the toughest willbe my privilage to join F.A.T.E.and opportunity to work for my country and countrymen

Dr. Vineet Aggarwal said...

Thanx a lot Prabhu :) it is because of people like you that we can expect a change in the system and indeed in our destiny :)

Anonymous said...

great work!

Dr. Vineet Aggarwal said...

Thanx dear..